Creative Ways of Attendance

Punctuality and regularity - two important factors in a successful career. Improving daily attendance every day in school means to achieve better learning outcomes. Ordinary, hard-working students understand managers, understand ideas and better understand the lessons. In contrast, students who drop out of school, often give up school.


There are various creative ways of attendance are:-




In school days, friends or classmates are the most valuable asset of any student. Local pressure or behavior enhances the personality of each student. This is a unique innovation, namely: "Features" is the latest learning strategy adopted to increase the frequency of public schools. As part of this exercise, the teacher can divide the class into pairs or groups of four classes. Spouses, group members or partners are responsible for regular attendance. This section helps teachers draw attention to why students are absent. This is one of creative ways to take attendance.




Choose a student


Encourage a good student to read notes. Instead, you must commit to silently mark the document after creating the class. The selected student may have a sense of privacy when imposing additional obligations. This option also eliminates the need for students to change name or location!




Start your lesson with an unexpected and fun game. It also requires students to listen when the user is ready.


Ask a question


Get questions by asking questions. This helps to ensure that this method will meet students and complete contact in a short time.


Create the required event

Regardless of the class, students rarely create events because they have to compete for applications. This may take several weeks. That way, you don't have to worry about the kids being there. They come and make friendships.


Call On


call me LAS (critical situation), but this is an option. At the beginning of the semester, I do this sometimes to help them learn the names of students.


Use the clicker control


Click is fine and use it to join if you are one of the people you use to answer the category. If you are not using the remote, read on to learn more about this week's best tips.

Pass the exam or other assignments anywhere in the middle class. In the 50-minute lesson, some adjustments are required for students to complete the activity and return to a quick procedure or test that is in game mode and serves two purposes.